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Concrete Water Storage Tank

Concrete Tanks

Concrete Water Tanks: How they are made

                Concrete water tanks are another alternative for rain water collection or any other water storage purposes. Water has been and remains to be one of the most essential commodities. It uses are so numerous that we certainly cannot live without it. Because of the fact that Australia is not blessed with a good share of rainfall, every drop of rain must me maximally utilized. Concrete water tanks are one good means of collecting rainwater. But aside from this, it could also serve other water storage purposes. A wide range of concrete water tanks are manufactured to suit domestic, industrial, and commercial uses.

                How exactly are concrete water storage tanks made? The process of constructing concrete water tanks is somehow technical. The first step is of course creating the right mix of cement. After doing so, the cement is poured in a reinforced base. These bases come in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. The walls of the concrete water tanks are then constructed by erecting a form work made with wooden planks. This is then reinforced by wrapping galvanised welded mesh or bind wire around it. Two layers of cement are then applied over the galvanized mesh and wire.  An internal layer of cement is then applied after removing the form work. The last step in constructing concrete water tanks is creating the tank’s lid. This is done by erecting the form work of the tank roof and pouring cement into it. The tank roofing may be peaked or flat.

Concrete Water Tanks: What are their Advantages

Most concrete water tanks carry many years of guarantee which may even reach 20 years. Some are also hand built. These models claim to be stronger and last longer. Because of the material from which they are manufactured, concrete water tanks are wind, fire, and sun proof. As opposed to plastic water tanks, they won’t melt and burn if bush fires or fire accidents break out.  In addition, they are vermin and rust proof unlike steel water tanks. As with many other kinds of water tanks, concrete water tanks are transportable. Repairs may be easily made if accidents happen. When it comes to installation,concrete water storage tanks may be positioned above or under the ground to save space. In more recent years, there has been a boom of manufacturers of different kinds of rainwater tanks including concrete water tanks. This makes choosing the right model for your needs a more challenging task.Outback Water Tanks suply a large range of above ground and underground concrete water tanks.

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